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The air terminal IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF rises into the air!

By |October 27th, 2020|Non classé|

Our air terminal IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF already protect one of the highest bridge in the world: Millau Viaduct Its pillar P2, the highest, stands 343 meters above the ground. Each one of the 7 pillars of the famous Millau Viaduct in France are protected by our air terminal. The [...]

The IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF, an UL compliant air terminal

By |October 26th, 2020|Non classé|

UL compliant air terminal! Proof of the pursuit of our continuous improvement, and strategical target in our politic of quality: Our IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF is now an UL compliant air terminal. Download the certificate now Do not hesitate to watch and share all our videos IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF: [...]