Legal information

1. Presentation of our website

According to n° 2004-2005 law, dated June 21 juin 2004 for the trust in the digital economy, our website, created by Théo, Tarik and Laurent, owner of the website, makes available our company information for the public.
Likely to be changed, we suggest you to often read our legal information belongs to France Paratonnerres company with head office located at: Parc Ester Technopole, 9 rue Columbia, 87068 Limoges, France.
Natural or legal person, France Paratonnerres is responsible for publication, with e-mail address as follow:
The webmaster, Théo, Tarik et Laurent, is responsible of the administration of the website, with e-mail address as follow: website is hosted by OVH, with head office located at : 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – FRANCE.

2. General terms and conditions of the website and proposed services.

By using our website, you fully and entirely accept the general conditions mentioned in our legal information. Accessible for all type of visitors, it is important to precise that an interruption for maintenance on the website can be decided by France Paratonnerres. However, the date and hours of interruption will be precised previously to the users.

3. Products and services proposed by

In accordance with communication policy, website’s role is to inform the users on the services proposed by France Paratonnerres, who tries to supply precise information on its activity. However, some mistakes or omissions can exist: the company shall not be responsible for any mistake on website.

4. Contractual limitations

The information given on our website have been thought in a qualitative approach, in order to ensure their reliability. However, we will not bear the responsibilities in case of any technical inaccuracies in our explanations.
If you check a mistake about information or omission, please do not hesitate to inform us by mail at .
The direct or indirect links of our website are not under the control of our company. So, we cannot ensure the accuracy of the information on these other websites.
By using JavaScript, website shall not be responsible in case of any material damages linked to its use. Moreover, any other type of consequence linked to the use of website, direct or indirect (bug, incompatibility, virus, loss of market, etc…)

5. Intellectual property and website content

The editorial content of website belongs exclusively to France Paratonnerres. Any infringement of the copyright is penalised by article L.335-2 of Intellectual property Code, with penalty incurred of 2 years imprisonment and 150 000 € penalty website shall not be responsible in case of any abusive, racist, defaming or pornographic language, which could be exchanged on the interactive spaces. The company also reserves the right to delete any content which can be contrary to the values of the company or applicable legislation in France.
By visiting website, the user accepts also the installation of possible cookies on its computer.

6. Personal data, privacy and liberties respect

Any information collected on website are linked to the needs of our platform, as the form for order or request for Newsletter subscription. Moreover the unsubscribe request for Newsletter is made by the link at the bottom of the page.
France Paratonnerres commits to not give the information about its Internet website users, in any circumstances (sale, exchange, loan, rent, donation).
In accordance with “Informatique et Libertés” law of January 6th 1978 modified in 2004, the user benefits from any right of access and modification of its information, at any time by using or by postal request to the company : Parc Ester Technopole, 9 rue Columbia, 87068 Limoges, France.
The website concerned is declared under CNIL number: 2003042
The databases are protected under the law of the 1st July of 1998, given the 96/9 directive of March 11th 1996, relative to the juridical protection of the databases.

7. Applicable law and related laws

Under French law, website is governed by the law n° 2004-2005 of June 21st of 2004 for the trust in the digital economy, the article L.335-2 of Intellectual Property and « informatique et libertés » of January 1978, modificated in 2004.
Legal information of the site – France Paratonnerres
The legal information of website by France Paratonnerres. Specialist in lightning protection worldwide. Manufacturer of Air Terminals.