• Plantons pour l'Avenir
18 18, 08, 2021

2021 review of Plantons pour l’Avenir

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Since 2 years, we are supporting the association Plantons pour l’Avenir, which is dedicated to reforestation. In practical terms, what does it mean? Here is an overview of the results of Plantons pour l’Avenir in 2021: 5 280 000€ in donations collected from 112 companies and 50 private individuals 1 880 hectares reforested as part [...]

  • thunderstorms
28 28, 07, 2021

Thunderstorms also strike in winter

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It is well known to all that lightning is more present in summer. However, thunderstorms also strike during the winter periods. They are obviously rarer, but are often the most violent. In Western Europe, 58% of stormy episodes qualified as very violent (greater than 100kA) occur in winter, compared to 9% in summer, as [...]

  • Thunder
21 21, 07, 2021

Do you know where does the thunder come from?

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The specific sound of the thunder comes from the rise of the pressure with electrodynamic origin. This overpressure disappears when the strike is off, producing an acoustic shockwave. The acoustic strength depends on the form, the length, the intensity and shortness of the lightning strike. Find answers to your questions on the [...]

  • Competitive advantages IONIFLASH MACH NG - 2021
3 3, 06, 2021

IONIFLASH MACH NG : A concentrate of advantages and superiorities!

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Our new data sheets are now available Download our data sheets

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31 31, 05, 2021

Join our network IONIFLASH PLANET!

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Did you know? By choosing our products from the IONIFLASH® range from France Paratonnerres, you will join our IONIFLASH PLANET® social and environmental responsibility label which: Reduces the spiraling effect of overconsumption of resources, air pollution and planned obsolescence Witness for you and your customers, your commitment to future generations Ensures the [...]

  • Inspection pit France Paratonnerres
7 7, 04, 2021

The new France Paratonnerres inspection pit now available!

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France Paratonnerres makes it easier for you to measure and control the earthing systems thanks to its new inspection pit with equipotentiality bar (ref. 16013). With its simple and quick disconnection, it offers a direct access to the earthing system of the lightning protection installation and an interconnection with the others systems. [...]

  • France Paratonnerres training 1
1 1, 04, 2021

Électriciens Sans Frontières was in training with France Paratonnerres!

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As part of our humanitarian approach, the representatives of regional delegations of Electriciens Sans Frontières have been trained in the installation of lightning protection systems by our QUALIFOUDRE Level 4 trainer. ESF ( is a NGO of international solidarity which fights against inequalities in access to electricity and water in the world. [...]

  • ESE installation
24 24, 02, 2021

Today, focus on an installation of ESE air terminals

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Conformity installation for lightning protection of a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo Mr. Roland HENSENS, expert engineer in hospital and biomedical equipment, Association Alliances Internationales – Belgium volunteer, organized the re-compliance of the lightning protection system of a hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo. AAI-B’s mission is to support several charitable [...]

  • Plantons pour l'avenir
17 17, 12, 2020

France Paratonnerres participates to the reforestation with Plantons pour l’avenir

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Thanks to the donations of its partners company, “Plantons pour l’avenir” participates to the reforestation of French forests and answers to its mission of general interest. At France Paratonnerres, we are a family company, on a human scale, where our first value is the Societal and Environmental responsibility. This is why we just committed [...]

16 16, 11, 2020

The IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF and our installers aren’t dizzy!

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Our installers faced a big challenge to protect an industrial site in France thanks to an E.S.E. air terminal IONIFLASH MACH NG 60 TF. This air terminal, set on a 63m chimney, is testable directly and in a few seconds from the ground thank to the test box MACHTEST. For more information about [...]